February 2016

The winter chinook fishing keeps getting better as we move through February.   Lots of under size earlier and now we are getting some decent size,  many in the teens.  Spoons and plugs have been the go to gear.  Liking the Gibbs Skinny-G.

Spot prawns will re-open locally on April 1.  We do have prawns available for full day charters but have a little traveling to do for the good prawn and salmon grounds.


2015-16 Winter Chinook

Decent fishing in the Pender Harbour area this winter.  The springs are a bit smaller than last year but action is good over most locations.  Several to 10-16#.

Spot prawns are closed locally until 1 April 16. With an extended salmon trip we have prawn opportunities.

Summer Pinks

Not as many chinook as earlier in the season but still getting some nice fish and awaiting more runs to pass through.
Pink salmon are here in numbers for the past couple of weeks with more to come. Coho starting to show up.
Ling and yelloweye have been good fishing in select locations.


July 2015

Slow to catch up on reports but we will try to get up to date in the Pender Harbour area. The winter fishing for chinook was terrific. December through April saw many fish, mostly in the teens to mid 20 pounds. This was different than past years when the feeder chinook were much smaller.

Excellent fishing through May until mid June when it started to slow a bit. Majority of fish were white and into the 20’s.

The past week the salmon are showing again, More red fish, more hatchery and many in the 20 to 30 pound range.

Prawning was slow during the commercial season but we are finding some decent catches in July.

Bottom fish are good numbers with good success for ling, yelloweye and rockfish.

March 2014

Some nice days on the water.  More herring showing up in some locations, small to large sizes in the fish.  Not paying too much attention to tides and having good fishing late afternoons.

Watched two Bald Eagles diving in, swimming and catching large herring from a large bait ball on the surface.  Salmon were pushing the herring to the top and we quickly picked up a couple of feeder chinooks at 50 ft.

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Feb 2014

winter chinook

Some cold and snowy days but still getting out and finding fish. Not much bait to be found and the springs are spread out.

End of Feb we are finding the fish eating large herring.

IMG_1803box crabs

Christmas – New Year

pender harbour chinook

Roxanne with late afternoon spring

Out over the Christmas – New Years week. Did well with winter chinooks.  Although they are on the small side the action was great.  Prawns looking good too.